Wesley Glisson


Candidate for Master's Degree 
Graduate Program in Plant Biology and Conservation 
Northwestern University

Chicago Botanic Garden

Research Interests: Restoration Ecology, Wetland Ecology, Wildlife Conservation

Current Research

Secretive marshbirds (SMBs) are a group of environmentally sensitive species that are of high conservation concern. Challenges in monitoring SMB populations and subsequent gaps in research have resulted in this group being underrepresented in bird monitoring programs, wetland programs' conservation planning, and restoration projects. Understanding the habitat requirements for SMB is essential to their conservation. However, a lack of studies assessing vegetation requirements and inconsistency in sampling procedures has made it difficult to understand what constitutes quality SMB habitat.

My research involves analyzing habitat and vegetation information from multiple scales to understand the relationships between habitat / vegetation characteristics and SMB diversity and abundance in natural and restored wetlands. This information can help restoration and land managers in conserving these species.


February 21, 2012