Congratulations to 2018 MS graduates:

Lauren Audi, Thesis: The Breadfruit Odyssey: Genetic Characterization of Caribbean Artocarpus altilis using historical, genomic, morphological and collaborative approaches

Nora Gavin-Smyth, Thesis: Investigating the restoration potential of soil seed banks following buckthorn removal

Nathan Lamb, Thesis: Genetic augmentation reduces mate limitation in two rare Asteraceae species

Mary Patterson, Internship: Long-Term Monitoring Plan: Packera layneae USDA Forest Service, Tahoe National Forest, American River Ranger District

Jordan Wood, Thesis: Conservation genetics and ex situ management for living collections of endangered plants

Christopher Woolridge, Thesis: Northward bound: should southern-sourced seeds be preferentially used in restoration efforts?

Jacob Zeldin, Thesis: Functional composition in prairie plant communities: implications for invasion resistance, restoration, and conservation

Kaiyue Zhou, Thesis: Biogeochemical cycling in a green roof ecosystem

Congratulations to 2018 PhD graduates:

Chen Ning, Dissertation: Structure, Diversity, and Function of Ectomycorrhizal Fungal Communities in Native and Introduced Pines of South China

Lauren Umek, Dissertation: Impacts of Restoration and Management on Plant Communities and Belowground Processes in the Chicago Region

Rui Zhang, Dissertation: Molecular Systematics, Evolutionary Ecology and Biogeography of Ectomycorrhizal Genus Suillus (Boletales, Basidiomycota)

Congratulations to 2017 MS graduates:
Kristina Fahey, Internship: Status and Habitat Analysis of the Federally Endangered
Jessica Ross, Thesis: Characterizing the diversity of lignin-degrading fungi in a dry seasonal tropical forest
Alexandra Seglias, Thesis: Germination Ecology of forb species native to the Southwest United States: Implication for restoration
Abigail White, Thesis: Restoring species diversity: identifying gaps in the United States native seed industry and using conservation genetics to understand why a vulnerable native thistle is missing from commercial production

Congratulations to 2017 PhD graduates:

Rebecca Barak, Dissertation: Using trees to seed prairies: Incorporating phylogenetic information to guide tallgrass prairie restoration

Elliot Gardner, Dissertation: Evolutionary Transitions: Phylogenomics and Pollination of Artocarpus (Moraceae)

Kelly Ksiazek-Mikenas, Dissertation: The Potential of Green Roofs to Provide Habitat for Native Plant Conservation