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Selected Student Publications – 2017

Brudvig, Lars A.; Barak, Rebecca S.; Bauer, Jonathan T.; et al. 2017. Interpreting variation to advance predictive restoration science. Journal of Applied Ecology 54(4): 1018-1027.

Barak, Rebecca S.; Williams, Evelyn W.; Hipp, Andrew L.; et al. 2017. Restored tallgrass prairies have reduced phylogenetic diversity compared with remnants. Journal of Applied Ecology 54(4): 1080-1090.

Gardner, E.M., P. Sarraf, and N.J.C. Zerega. Phylogeny and biogeography of Maclura (Moraceae) and the origin of an anachronistic fruit. 2017. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution. 

Williams, E.W., E.M. Gardner, R. Harris III, A. Chaveerach, J.T. Pereira, and N.J.C. Zerega. 2017. Out of Borneo: Biogeography, phylogeny, and divergence date estimates of Artocarpus (Moraceae). Annals of Botany 119(4):611-627.

Morgan, B.S.T. et al. 2017. Barcoded NS31/AML2 Primers for Sequencing of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Communities in Environmental Samples. Applications in Plant Sciences.  DOI: 10.3732/apps.1700017  

Craven et al. (including L. Umek). 2017. The unseen invaders: introduced earthworms as drivers of change in plant communities in North American forests (a meta-analysis). Global Change Biology. 23(3): 1065-1074DOI: 10.1111/gcb.13446

Grusz, A.L., E. M. Sigel, and C. Witherup. Homeologous chromosome pairing across the eukaryote phylogeny. 2017. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution.

Briscoe, L.R.E., N.J. C. Zerega, H.T. Lumbsch, M. Stech, E. Kraichak, M.J. von Konrat, J.J. Engel, and N. Wickett. 2017. Molecular, morphological, and biogeographic perspectives on the classification of Acrobolboideae (Acrobolbaceae, Marchantiophyta). Phytotaxa 319 (1): 056–070.

Rhodes, Matthew K. , Jeremie B. Fant, Krissa A. Skogen (2017) Pollinator identity and spatial isolation influence multiple paternity in an annual plant. Molecular Ecology 26 (16) 4296–4308

Vander Stelt, Erin , Jeremie B. Fant, Susanne Masi and Daniel J. Larkin (2017) Assessing habitat requirements and genetic status of a rare ephemeral wetland plant species, Isoëtes butleri Engelm. Aquatic Botany 138; Pages 74-81

Widener, L. , & Fant, J.B. (2017) Genetic differentiation and diversity of two sympatric subspecies of Castilleja affinis; a comparison between the endangered serpentine endemic (spp. neglecta) and its widespread congener (ssp. affinis) Conserv Genet (Online early)

Selected Student Publications - 2016

Gallagher, M. K. and S. Wagenius. 2016. Seed source impacts germination and early establishment of dominant grasses in prairie restorations. Journal of Applied Ecology 53: 251-263. PDF

Muller, K. and S. Wagenius. 2016. Echinacea angustifolia and its specialist ant-tended aphid: a multi-year study of manipulated and naturally-occurring aphid infestation. Ecological Entomology 41: 51-60. PDF

Fant J.B., Price, A. and D. Larkin (2016) The influence of habitat disturbance on genetic structure and reproductive strategies within stands of native and non-native Phragmites australis (common reed)" Diversity and Distributions. 22 (12) Pages 1301–1313.

Lewis E.M. , Fant J.B., Moore M.J., Hastings A.P., Larson E.L., Agrawal A.A., Skogen K.A. (2016) Microsatellites for Oenothera gayleana and O. hartwegii subsp. filifolia (Onagraceae), and their utility in section Calylophus. Appl Plant Sci. Feb 9;4(2).

Skogen, K. A., T. Jogesh, E. T. Hilpman, S. L. Todd, M. K. Rhodes, S. Still, and J. B. Fant. (2016)  Land-use change has no detectable effect on reproduction in a disturbance-adapted plant pollinated by long-distance dispersing hawkmoths. American Journal of Botany. 103:1950-1963

Barak, Rebecca S.; Hipp, Andrew L.; Cavender-Bares, Jeannine; et al. 2016. Taking the long view: integrating recorded, archeological, paleoecological, and evolutionary data into ecological restoration. International journal of plant sciences. Journal of Applied Ecology 177(1): 90-102.

Desai, N., Wilson, A.W., Powers, J.M., Mueller, G.M., and Egerton-Warburton, L.M. (2016). Mycorrhizal community structure in Quercus oleoides in a restored seasonally dry tropical forest. Environmental Research Letters 11: 125007. (Special Issue on Conservation of Dry Seasonal Tropical Forests).

Leacock, P.R., A.W. Wilson, R. Zhang, C. Ning, G. Mueller. 2016. Cantharellus chicagoensis sp. nov. is supported by molecular and morphological analysis as a new yellow chanterelle in midwestern United States. Mycologia 108(4): 765-772.

Johnson, M.G., E.M. Gardner, Y. Liu, R. Medina, B. Goffinet, A.J., N.J.C. Zerega, and N.J. Wickett. 2016. HybPiper: Extracting coding sequence and introns for phylogenetics from high-throughput sequencing reads using target enrichment. Applications in Plant Sciences4(7), apps.1600016.

Gardner, E.M., M.G. Johnson, D. Ragone, N.J. Wickett, & N.J.C. Zerega. 2016. Low-coverage, whole-genome sequencing of Artocarpus camansi (Moraceae) for phylogenetic marker development and gene discovery. Applications in Plant Sciences4(7), apps.1600017.

Barak, RS, AL Hipp, W Pearse, J Cavender-Bares, J Callaway, S Hotchkiss, DJ Larkin. 2016 Taking the long view: Integrating recorded, paleoecological, and evolutionary information into ecological restoration. International Journal of Plant Sciences. 177:90-102.

Barak, RS, “Recipe for an Aster: Prairie Restoration in Chicago,” Parks and Recreation Magazine, May 1, 2016.

Selected Student Publications - 2015

Larkin, D. J., A. L. Hipp, J. Kattge, W. Prescott, R. K. Tonietto, S. K. Jacobi, and M. L. Bowles. 2015. Phylogenetic measures of plant communities show long-term change and impacts of fire management in tallgrass prairie remnants. Journal of Applied Ecology DOI: 10.1111/1365-2664.12516.

Glisson, W. J., R. S. Brady, A. T. Paulios, S. K. Jacobi, and D. J. Larkin. 2015. Sensitivity of secretive marsh birds to vegetation condition in natural and restored wetlands in Wisconsin. Journal of Wildlife Management. DOI: 10.1002/jwmg.937

Barak, R. S., J. B. Fant, A. T. Kramer, and K. A. Skogen. (2015). Assessing the value of potential “native winners” for restoration of cheatgrass-invaded habitat. Western North American Naturalist 75(1) 58-69.

Staehlin B. & J.B. Fant (2015) Climate change impacts on seedling establishment for a threatened endemic thistle. The American Midland Naturalist 173(1):47-60. 2015

Fant, J.B., K. Havens, J.M. Keller, A. Radosavljevic and E.D. Yates and K. Havens (2014) The influence of contemporary and historic landscape features on the genetic structure of the sand dune endemic, Cirsium pitcheri (Asteraceae). Heredity 112, 519–530

Basey, A.C., J.B. Fant, A.T. Kramer. 2015. Producing native plant materials for restoration: 10 rules to collect and maintain genetic diversity. Native Plants Journal 16(1): 37-53. (

Barak, R.S., K.A. Skogen, A.T. Kramer and J.B. Fant. 2015. Assessing the value of potential "native winners" for restoration of cheatgrass-invaded habitat. Western North American Naturalist 75:55-69. (

DiLeo, M., J. Siu, M. Rhodes, A. López-Villalobos, A. Redwine, K. Ksiazek and R. Dyer. 2014. The gravity of pollination: Integrating at-site features into spatial analysis of contemporary pollen movement. Molecular Ecology, 23(16): 3973-3982.

Gardner, E.M., K.M. Laricchia, M. Murphy, D. Ragone, B.E. Scheffler, S. Simpson, E.W. Williams, and N.J.C. Zerega. 2015. Primer Note: Chloroplast microsatellite markers for Artocarpus (Moraceae) developed from transcriptome sequences. Applications in Plant Sciences 3(9):

MacIvor, S and K. Ksiazek. 2015. Invertebrates on Green Roofs. In R. Sutton (Ed.) Green Roof Ecosystems, (pp. 333-355). New York: Springer. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-14983-7_14.  

Hipp, A.L., D.J. Larkin, R.S. Barak, M.L. Bowles, M.W. Cadotte, S.K. Jacobi, E. Lonsdorf, B.C. Scharenbroch, E. Williams, E. Weiher. 2015. Phylogeny in the service of ecological restoration. American Journal of Botany, doi:10.3732/ajb.1500119 .

McCary, M. A., J.C. Martinez, L. Umek, L. Heneghan, and D. H. Wise. 2015. Effects of woodland restoration and management on the community of surface-active arthropods in the metropolitan Chicago region. Biological Conservation. doi:10.1016/j.biocon.2015.06.005

Riebkes, J.L., R.S. Barak, and A.T. Kramer. 2015. Evaluating seed viability in prairie forbs: a test of three methods. Native Plants Journal 16(2): 96-106. (

Zerega, N.J.C., T. Wiesner-Hanks, D. Ragone, B. Irish, B. Scheffler, S. Simpson, and F. Zee. 2015. Diversity of the breadfruit complex (Artocarpus, Moraceae): Genetic characterization of critical germplasm. Tree Genetics and Genomes.   

Zerega, N.J.C., G. Ravikanth, E.M. Gardner, K. Laricchia, T. Melhem, M. Wang, C. E. Witherup, S. Setty, M.I. Zuberi, M.R. Jagdish, and D. Ragone. 2015. New genomic resources to understand genetic diversity and promote crop improvement of jackfruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus), breadfruit (A. altilis), and other under utilized Artocarpus crops. Procedings of the International Symposium on Jackfruit and Breadfruit of the Tropics.

Selected Student Publications - 2014

Ksiazek, K., J. Fant and K. Skogen (2014) Native forbs produce high quality seeds on Chicago green roofs. Journal of Living Architecture 2:e2.

Price, A. , J.B. Fant and D. Larkin (2014) Ecology of native vs. exotic  Phragmites australis (common reed) in Chicago-area wetlands. Wetlands 34 (2) 369-377

Rhodes, M., J.B. Fant and K.A. Skogen (2014) Local topography shapes fine-scale spatial genetic structure in the Arkansas Valley evening primrose, Oenothera harringtonii (Onagraceae) Journal of Heredity 105(6):806-15

Ksiazek, K. and O. Starry. 2014. Growing UP in the City: A Book About Green Roofs. Illustrated by C. Ryan Patterson.

Ksiazek, K. 2014. The Potential of Green Roofs to Support Urban Biodiversity.  In J. Briz, M. Köhler and I. de Felipe (Eds.), Green Cities in the World. (Chapter 6; pages 101-124). Madrid: Pronatur.

Ksiazek, K., R. Tonietto and J. Ascher. 2014. Ten bee species new to green roofs in the Chicago area. The Great Lakes Entomologist. 47:87-92.

Selected Student Publications - 2013

DeLong, J.R., Swarts, N., Dixon, K.W., and Egerton-Warburton, L.M. (2013). Mycorrhizal preference promotes habitat invasion by a native Australian orchid: Microtis media Annals of Botany 111: 409-418.

Selected Student Publications - 2012

Ksiazek, K. , J. B. Fant and K. Skogen.  (2012) An assessment of pollen limitation on Chicago green roofs. Landscape and Urban Planning. 107 (4) 401-408

Saari.  C. and Glisson, W. J.,(2012)  Survey of Chicago Region Restoration Seed Source Policies. Ecological Restoration 30(3):162-165

Selected Student Publications - 2011

Ksiazek, K. , J. Fant and K. Skogen. 2011. An assessment of pollination services on Chicago green roofs. In Proceedings of the CitiesAlive! Ninth Annual Green Roof and Wall Conference. Philadelphia, PA, 2011. Toronto: Green Roofs for Healthy Cities.

Tonietto R, J. Fant, J Ascher, K. Ellis* and D Larkin (2011) A comparison of bee communities of Chicago green roofs, parks and prairies. Landscape and Urban Planning 103: 102– 108

Selected Student Publications - 2010

Fant, J.B., A. Banai, K. Havens and P. Vitt (2010) Morphological and molecular evidence of hybridization between the federally threatened Lespedeza leptostachya Englem. and its co-occurring congener Lespedeza capitata Michx. Conservation Genetics 11 (6) 2195-2205