Recent Publications

Selected Student Publications – 2018 (See faculty webpages for faculty publications) 

Barak, Rebecca S., Taran M. Lichtenberger, Alyssa Wellman‐Houde, Andrea T. Kramer, and Daniel J. Larkin. 2018. Cracking the case: Seed traits and phylogeny predict time to germination in prairie restoration species. Ecology and Evolution 8, no. 11: 5551-5562.

Finch, J., Walck, J., Hidayati, S., Kramer, A., Lason, V., & Havens, K. 2018. Germination niche breadth varies inconsistently among three Asclepias congeners along a latitudinal gradient.Plant Biology (Stuttgart, Germany), Plant biology. 20 May 2018.

Gardner, E.M. R. Gagne, P.E. Kendra, W.S. Montgomery, R.A. Raguso, T.T. McNeil and N.J.C. Zerega. 2018. A flower in fruit’s clothing: Pollination of jackfruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus, Moraceae) by a new species of gall midge, Clinodiplosis ultracrepidata sp. nov. (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae). International Journal of Plant Sciences.

Kates, H.R., M.G. Johnson, E.M. Gardner, N.J.C. Zerega, and N.J. Wickett. 2018. Allele phasing has minimal impact on phylogenetic reconstruction from targeted nuclear gene sequences in a case study of Artocarpus(Moraceae). American Journal of Botany.

Laricchia, K.M., M. Johnson, N.J.C. Zerega, and N.J. Wickett. 2018. A transcriptome screen for positive selection in domesticated breadfruit and its wild relatives (Artocarpus spp.). American Journal of Botany. 

Ning, Chen; Mueller, Gregory M.; Egerton-Warburton, Louise M.; et al. 2018. Diversity and Enzyme Activity of Ectomycorrhizal Fungal Communities Following Nitrogen Fertilization in an Urban-Adjacent Pine PlantationForests 9(3): article 99.

Seglias, Alexandra E.;Williams, Evelyn; Bilge, Arman; et al. 2018. Phylogeny and source climate impact seed dormancy and germination of restoration-relevant forb species.PLOS ONE13(2): Article Number: e0191931   

Wang, M.M.H., E.M. Gardner, A.R. Milan, Salma, C.M. Yee, R. Chung, L.S. Leong, and N.J.C. Zerega. 2018. Origin and diversity of an underutilized fruit tree crop, Artocarpus integer (Moraceae). American Journal of Botany. 

White, Abigail; Fant, Jeremie B.; Havens, Kayri; et al. 2018. Restoring species diversity: assessing capacity in the US native plant industry. Restoration Ecology 26(4): 605-611.

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