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PBC Lab Meeting and Seminar Schedule

Seminar and Lab Meeting Schedule

Time Location Topics Labs
TBD JMP conference room Evolution, phylogenomics, systematics, crop wild relatives Wickett, Zerega
Friday, 9am-10am Green Roof Ecology, quantitative genetics, modeling, phenology Wagenius, Vitt
Friday, 10-11am Seminar room

Seminar Speaker Series

Guest Speaker
Friday, 1-2pm Seminar room Seed biology, Restoration ecology, Invasive species Kramer, Havens
Friday, 1-2pm
 Green roof

Reproductive biology, population genetics, plant/animal interactions

Fant, Skogen
Friday, 1-2pm JMP conference room Soils/Mycology Egerton-Warburton, Mueller
Friday, 2-3pm JMP conference room Phenology, ecological networks, plant/animal interactions, climate change Iler, CaraDonna

Upcoming Professional Development Seminar discussion topics covered during journal club 

Fridays 3-4 pm  Topics and schedule for 2019-2020 TBD

Date Location Topic Presenter
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