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Required Coursework for Research Thesis MS Degree

Required Core Courses Units
PBC 450 Field and Lab Methods in Plant Biology and Conservation 2
PBC 451 Critical Topics in Ecology and Conservation 1
PBC 435 Quantitative Methods in Ecology and Conservation 1
Recommended Electives (2)
Evolution Elective (recommended PBC 401 Plant Evolution & Diversity)
Ecology Elective (recommended PBC 402 Plant Community Ecology) 1
Additional Electives (3 courses) 3
PBC 499 Independent Study (2 units, typically taken over 2 quarters) 2
Total Units 11

Additional requirements for the MS degree in Plant Biology and Conservation include the following:

1. Thesis committee should be formed and a thesis proposal should be defended by spring of year one.

2. Written thesis plus an oral defense is required for graduation. A public presentation of the thesis is given followed by a defense with the student’s committee. It is recommended that the defense is completed by the summer of year 2.

3. Satisfactory Academic Progress must be maintained by students. A student will not be in good academic standing if he/she has an overall grade average below B (3.0 GPA, and no single grade below C), has more than three incomplete grades, or fails to make satisfactory progress with research as determined by the student’s thesis committee.

More information can be found in the PBC Graduate Student Handbook.

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