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Taking on the PhD later in life

PhD student, Rob Hevey, is featured in a New York Times story about pursuing a PhD degree later in life

Adrienne Ernst (PhD student) is awarded the highly prestigious and competitive NSF Graduate Research Fellowship!

She will be conducting research on "The Effects of Phylogenetic and Functional Diversity on Invasibility of Restored Tallgrass Prairie Ecosystems"

Congratulations to students for recent research awards!

Abbey White (MS student): "Understanding genetic diversity, clonality, and demography to inform restoration of a vulnerable Great Lakes endemic thistle, Cirsium hillii (Asteraceae)” ($1,000, Prairie Biotic Research Inc. 2016 award). Jacob Zeldin (MS student): "Impacts of plant-community functional composition and diversity in the growth and persistence of threatened plant populations.” ($2,500, Garden Club of America, Field Botany Scholarship 2016). Lynnaun Johnson (PhD student): "Investigating the carbon nutrition and mycorrhizal relationships of Dendrophylax lindenii, the Ghost Orchid, an endangered leafless epiphytic orchid native to Florida.” ($4,500, Garden Club of America, Catherine H. Beattie Fellowship 2016). Rebecca Barak (PhD student): Do seed traits predict germination and persistence of plant species in prairie restoration? ($1,000, Society for Ecological Restoration 2016

2015 alum, Dr. Rebecca Tonietto, highlighted in HuffPost piece about shrinking cities as a native pollinator refuge

Discovering Early Cretaceous Fossil Plants from the Steppes of Mongolia