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Undergraduate students can contact faculty in the Plant Biology and Conservation Program to learn about research opportunities.

Recent Undergraduate Research Projects and Accomplishments

Maria Wang in the fieldMaria Wang, an undergraduate biology major preparing for the combined bachelor’s/master’s degree program in Plant Biology and Conservation, was awarded $2,000 from the Garden Club of America's Clara Carter Higgins Summer Environmental Studies Scholarship (2011). She was also awarded the Katherine L. Kriegenbaum Scholarship (2012) from Northwestern University. She is conducting her research "Pollen Limitation of Reproduction in Dichanthelium leibergii (Poaceae)" with Dr. Stuart Wagenius.

Wiesner in the fieldTyr Wiesner-Hanks is an undergraduate biology major. In 2011, he conducted restoration ecology research under the mentorship of Dr. Daniel Larkin and MS student Wesley Glisson, focusing on understanding the habitat requirements of a wetland-dependent secretive marshbirds. Starting in 2012, he began working with Dr. Nyree Zerega and received a summer Undergraduate Research Grant to study breadfruit genetics and diversity, with a focus on breadfruit from Vanuatu, and implications for germplasm conservation. To date, Tyr has one publication:
Witherup, E., D. Ragone, T. Wiesner-Hanks, B. Irish, B. Scheffler, S. Simpson, F. Zee, M.I. Zuberi, N.J.C. Zerega. In press. Development of microsatellite loci in Artocarpus altilis (Moraceae) and cross-amplification in congeneric species. Applications in Plant Sciences.

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