Congratulations to 2017 MS graduates:
Kristina Fahey, Intership: Status and Habitat Analysis of the Federally Endagered
Jessica Ross, Thesis: Characterizing the diversity of lignin-degrading fungi in a dry seasonal tropical forest
Alexandra Seglias, Thesis: Germination Ecology of forb species native to the Southwest United States: Implication for restoration
Abigail White, Thesis: Restoring species diversity: identifying gaps in the United States native seed industry and using conservation genetics to understand why a vulnerable native thistle is missing from commercial production

Congratulations to 2017 PhD graduate:

Rebecca Barak, Dissertation: Using trees to seed prairies: Incorporating phylogenetic information to guide tallgrass prairie restoration

Congratulations to 2016 MS graduates:

Daniel Bruzzese, Thesis: Host use and allopatry in the diversification of the Microlepidopteran genus Mompha

Benjamin Cooper, Thesis: Revealing patterns of evolution in Oenothera sect. Calylophus (Onagraceae) using target enrichment

Peter DeJongh, Internship: Bureau of Land Management

Ryan Disney, Thesis: Effects of harvest regime on an assemblage of native prairie species grown as a biofuel crop

Claire Ellwanger, Thesis: Conservation Genetics of the federally threatened orchid: Platanthera leucophaea

Claire Malley, Thesis: Methods in Orthology Detection and Application to the Moss Phylogeny

Congratulations to 2015 PhD graduates:

Paul Hartzog, Dissertation: The effects of restoration and plant community change on denitrification and investigations into denitrification measurement techniques

Rebecca Tonietto, Dissertation: The effects of habitat restoration on wild bee communities