Paul CaraDonna | PhD

Paul CaraDonna

Louise Egerton-Warburton | PhD

Louise Egerton-Warburton

Jeremie Fant | PhD

Jeremie Fant

Kayri Havens-Young | PhD

Kayri Havens-Young

Patrick Herendeen | PhD

Patrick Herendeen

Amy Iler | PhD

Amy Iler
  • Research: Population & community ecology, climate change, invasive species, and plant-pollinator interactions
  • E-mail: ailer@chicagobotanic.org

Andrea Kramer | PhD

Andrea Kramer

Gregory Mueller | PhD

Gregory Mueller
  • Research: Systematics, diversity, biogeography, ecology, and population biology of mushrooms and other macrofungi, conservation of fungi, mycorrhizas
  • E-mail: gmueller@chicagobotanic.org

Krissa Skogen | PhD

Krissa Skogen

Pati Vitt | PhD

Pati Vitt

Stuart Wagenius | PhD

Stuart Wagenius

Norman Wickett | PhD

Norman Wickett
  • Research: Evolution of land plants, bryophyte diversification, phylogenomics, bioinformatics, evolution of plant paratism
  • E-mail: nwickett@chicagobotanic.org

Nyree Zerega | Director of Program in Plant Biology and Conservation

Nyree Zerega
  • Research: Evolution, systematics, biogeography, and reproductive ecology of plants (especially Moraceae); conservation of plant genetic resources (especially underutilized crops and their wild relatives)
  • Phone: (847) 467-1266
  • E-mail: n-zerega@northwestern.edu